GENRE:  Gothic Horror Circa 1830’s

LOCATION: Faroe Islands (Norsay)

TAGLINE:    Some May Recall That The Story of Victor Frankenstein And His Creation Ends In The Frozen Wastes of The Arctic, But Few Know What Really Happened On Their Fateful Journey North

SYNOPSIS:  Set on a remote, rugged island at the extreme north of the British Isles, a mysterious man named Victor washes ashore, seemingly the sole survivor of a shipwreck.  He is taken in and restored to health by the island’s doctor, James Gifford.  Victor is reluctant to share in the details of his life, guarded with his past and haunted by his circumstances.  As he recovers he strikes up a relationship with James’ beautiful adoring sister, Agnes.  Before long, a malevolent, powerfully built fiend makes its presence know to the island’s inhabitants.

So starts the dramatic and violent chain of events in which the tale of Victor’s experiments and the creation of his monster gradually emerges.  The creature appears as pure evil, hell-bent on revenge, suffering and the shedding of innocent blood.  When Victor finally confronts his creation, intent on destroying it, nothing is so black and white.

  • CIRCA 1820: An expedition ship (under the command of the English Explorer, CAPTAIN ROBERT WALTON) is trapped in the clutches of the Arctic ice.
  • After the brutal attack by an unseen force, a MAN, beaten and frost bitten, clings to life.
  • Captain Walton, discovers the grisly remains of mutilated sled dogs and the MAN, near death, grasping a WOODEN TRUNK. His name… VICTOR.
  • THREE MONTH LATER: After Victor’s rescue and the release of the expedition ship from the Arctic ice, Walton arrives on the North Atlantic island of NORSAY. Victor instructed Captain Walton to deliver his journals and wooden trunk…
  • … to the home of DR. JAMES GIFFORD & his sister, AGNES. Walton tells the couple of his shocking discovery of Victor in the Arctic and explains that he had shared in the terrifying details of his work and life.
  • As Victor’s tale unfolds… we flashback SIX MONTHS EARLIER to a whaling ship in pursuit of another vessel.
  • The two vessels collide, unleashing a terror which kills every man it comes across. As this murdering FIEND closes in on Victor, their ship impacts jagged coastal rocks, ejecting Victor into the turbulent sea.
  • Dawn rises on the island of Norsay… Agnes and her young son, FRANCIS, discover a shoreline littered with wreckage and the brutally mauled corpses of the whaling ship’s crew.
  • The island’s priest, FATHER O’DONNELL, and James are called to the scene to investigate. Agnes spots Victor flailing on the ocean surface. James swims out and brings Victor back to his home for medical care. The priest spots the wooden trunk.
  • Returning to his church, Father O’donnell tries in vain to break the trunk open. To his surprise, someone has entered the confessional booth. Believing this to be a parishioner, he enters the tabernacle to perform the sacrament of penance.
  • From out of the darkness, a glimpse of horror lashes out and tears into O’donnell’s chest, ripping out his heart.
  • At the Gifford Homestead, Agnes tends to Victor’s injuries. The two have an immediate connection.
  • EWAN SINCLAIR, the island’s Laird questions Victor, who only offers vague answers. Victor is introduced to James’ seductively beautiful and adulterous wife FREYA, who is determined to leave the island with Ewan, her clandestine lover.
  • Later that evening, with fever set in, Victor has terrifying dreams… Painful glimpses of his past are revealed,sStarting with the illness of his mother…
  • … and her horrific death!
  • The nightmare continues revealing Victor’s impressionable years of medical study and lectures on death and decay…
  • … which leads to a dream of his wedding to his beautiful fiancee, Elizabeth…
  • … and of her transformation into a maggot laden corpse.
  • The next morning, an old fisherman, DUNCAN CAMERON, sets off to ready his nets and boat for the pre-dawn catch.
  • Duncan is startled by a silhouette of the powerfully built Fiend. With brute force, it violently murders him. News of Duncan’s death reaches Victor and James. They inspect the rotting remains, the apparent result of an accident.
  • Later that evening, inside a dockyard shack, Freya and Ewan conclude one of their adulterous trysts. During their passionate exchange, Freya’s nephew FRANCIS, has been waiting outside in the cold damp air.
  • Freya takes leave of Ewan and heads home with Francis in tow. Along the foggy coastline the ominous Fiend appears from the dense mist and chases the two, who run for the only sanctuary along the path, Father O’Donnell’s church.
  • Upon entering the nave, Freya and Francis discover the disemboweled corpse of Father O’Donnell nailed to an up-side down cross above the altar.
  • Victor’s trunk is mysteriously left at the Gifford home. Soon after Frances appears covered in blood clutching the priests’ crucifix. James takes off running and finds the corpses of his wife and O’Donnell. The cross suddenly crashes down on him.
  • Victor hurriedly packs his belongings and tells Agnes that for the safety of all those on Norsay he must leave immediately. Victor confides he made a bargain with the Fiend that now terrorizes the island.
  • James is rushed back to the house. His only chance for survival is to amputate his arm. Unacceptable to Victor, he retrieves his trunk and explains that his methods are risky, albeit better than the alternative. James’ limb will grow significantly stronger.
  • After the surgery, Victor heads back to his guest cottage. To his surprise, the Fiend has been waiting for him in the darkness. His name is ADAM and Victor is introduced as VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN.
  • IN FLASHBACK: The genesis of Victor’s creation is revealed. Brought to life as a perfect man, a new Adam who Victor educates and shares in the beauty and fineries of the world.
  • The birth of Adam.
  • Lake Geneva, Frankenstein’s estate and where Adam was created.
  • The Opera: Adam is introduced to society and the Frankenstein family.
  • The splendor of Victor’s achievement does not last. Adam’s body transforms into a hideous being.
  • Unable to face his repugnant creation, Victor sets out to destroy him, but instead he abandons Adam to an existence of despair and utter loneliness.
  • Returning back to the guest cottage, Adam reminds Victor of his cruel betrayal and of their bargain: to create another of his kind, sparing him a life of loneliness. Victor refuses! Infuriated Adam proclaims he will continue his murdering undertakings.
  • The next morning James is in awe over the strength of his new arm. Victor reveals that the method used in creating the limb were also used in creating a living man from once dead tissue… Born in beauty, but transformed into horrific ugliness.
  • Before long, villagers proclaim that they have destroyed the fiend in a cave beneath O’Donnell’s church. James and Victor rush to confirm. Hours pass… Agnes alone with Francis is suddenly overtaken by the power of Victor’s living monster.
  • Victor and James step deep into the murky cavern below the church. They spot the twisted remains of a man… not the Fiend (Adam) but the mutilated corpse of Ewan. Victor sets out to face his nightmare alone.
  • Inside the church, Adam steps in from the shadows with Agnes and Francis as his hostages. He tells Victor that he’s going to take Agnes as his companion. She declares that she will never go willingly. Dejected, Adam snaps Francis’ neck!
  • At that moment James charges in with several townsmen. A brawl ensues. During the chaos, torches drop and the church is engulfed into an inferno.
  • During the mayhem James manages to pull Agnes and the body of her boy, Francis out of the burning church.
  • As the fire consumes everything in its path, Adam lifts Victor’s beaten and semi conscious body to his feet and jumps through a stained-glass window into the pounding sea below.
  • Agnes and the Villagers watch as the church is reduced to ashes.
  • James makes his way to the shoreline, hoping to find Victor alive. He sees nothing but endless miles of ocean and a glimpse of a distant ship… sailing north.
  • The tale returns with Agnes and James reading Victor’s journals. In a final FLASHBACK, on board Walton’s ship… Adam emerges from the shadows to confront Victor, the father who rejected him.
  • As Victor fades from life he no longer sees Adam as a monster, but as the beautiful being he once was. “You are and always have been the world to me” Adam asks with sadness in his voice, “Why did you make me?” Victor replies, “Because it was possible.”
  • With nothing else to live for, Adam leaps from the cabin window and disappears into the vastness of the Arctic. James and Agnes close the journal, leaving themselves to ponder the fate of Victor’s creation and his secrets of life from lifelessness.


  • Producer / Writer / Director / Post Production Supervisor

    Christopher started his production and post-production career soon after his graduation from Syracuse University in 1987.  He secured his first job in the motion picture business with legendary visual effects pioneer and director, Douglas Trumbull.  Within a few years he ascended to the head of post, working on a number of dynamic 70mm, 60 frame per second Showscan films.  

    Over the years Christopher has contracted his varied abilities with many production companies and producers.  He has worked as a director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor and post-production supervisor.  His vast experience has not only strengthened his abilities in the area of production and post-production but has given him a real edge in the creative and technical side of filmmaking.

    In 1996, Christopher worked as senior associate producer and post supervisor on the ABC live action and animated presentation of Chuck Jones’ “Peter and the Wolf”, which was awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Special.  Shortly thereafter, Christopher went on to direct his self-financed sci-fi drama, “Aurora”.  The indie feature generated several awards at numerous festivals throughout the United States and Europe and was instrumental in securing a writer / director position on the sci-fi actioner “Retrograde,” distributed domestically by Warner Bros. and several foreign companies.

    In 2005, Christopher became the head of post-production for SBE’s Element Films, working on a number of varied productions including the Kevin Costner thriller “Mr. Brooks.”  In 2007, nearly at its operational start, Christopher served as the head of post for Relativity Media.  There he oversaw all aspects of post supervision, finishing, delivery and exhibition on over sixty theatrical, digital and home video productions.  Notable blockbusters include the Oscar winning “The Fighter”, “Dear John”, “Immortals”, “Safe Haven” and “Limitless.”

    Currently, Christopher is actively pursuing his personal passions as a writer, director and filmmaker.   Under his own shingle Rara Avis Films, he is adapting for the screen Alistair Faulkner’s atmospheric gothic stage play, “Victor”, based on “Frankenstein” by Mrs. Percy B. “Mary” Shelley.




  • In the not too distant future, a team of genetically unique men and women, lead by John Foster (DOLPH LUNDGREN), make a daring first attempt trip back in time in order to prevent the discovery of meteors containing a deadly off-world bacteria…  bacteria that brings humanity to the brink of extinction. Unbeknownst to John, a mutinous officer named Dalton (JOE MONTANA), has personal, greed driven plans of his own for a new life in the past. Set aboard a ship trapped in the Antarctic, fate and chance forever alter the lives of a group of scientists and polar researchers who encounter John and Dalton.  The opposing time travelers soon discover that their return to the present day sets into motion the terrible things to come.

  • In the 22nd century, seven explorers set out to earth’s nearest sister planet, AURORA.  Their mission, to survey and explore for future colonization.  When their ship suddenly malfunctions, the crew is forced to crash land on the planet’s surface, where crippling heat, poisonous water, and fierce storms threaten their lives at every turn. With a handful of supplies and little hope of rescue, their only option is a grueling four hundred mile trek to their ship’s lost supply bunkers.  To survive, the men will have to push their endurance to the limit and entrust their lives to a leader who will risk everything to succeed, no matter what the consequences.

  • A charismatic doctor’s guilt over a freak motorcycle accident that paralyzed his beloved sibling compels him to kidnap and experiment on young women in order to harvest their eggs and inject the embryonic stem cells into his brother so that he may walk again.


VICTOR  –  A brilliant, eccentric man guarding dark secrets and a deep guilt

JAMES GIFFORD  –  A passionate and successful doctor, perhaps a big fish in a little pond

AGNES GIFFORD  –  James’ compassionate and deeply wounded sister

ADAM (THE CREATION)  –  A human being created by Victor now turned into a monster

EWAN SINCLAIR  –  The island’s proud laird

CAPTAIN ROBERT WALTON  –  Middle-age, Ambitious English Explorer


  • JP Pettinato is an Independent Feature Film Producer & Consultant, and has been working under his own shingle, UTICA FILMS, for the past fifteen years.  In his busy two decades in the entertainment industry he has worked on more than 35 feature films.

    JP ventured into filmmaking as a Production Assistant on “CARNOSAUR 3” and rightfully credits his start to famed “B” movie producer Roger Corman; and hopes to someday see his name alongside other notable Corman protégés such as Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson, and Ron Howard.  Pettinato worked his way up the proverbial ladder from Production Assistant, to Post Production Supervisor, to UPM, to then becoming an Executive overseeing Development, Finance, and Production, to finally becoming a full-fledged Film & Television Producer and Council Member of the Producers Guild of America.

    Pettinato’s most recent and prestigious assignments have been: As a Consultant to the Producers of the 2012 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee “THE HELP”; Consultant to RELATIVITY MEDIA’S Ryan Kavanaugh, for establishing a Hawaii-based studio, in addition to working alongside the Hawaiian Government reconstructing their Infrastructure and Production Tax Credit Legislation; Consultant to the Producers of Sylvester Stallone’s “THE EXPENDABLES”; Consultant to the Executive Producers of Steven Soderbergh’s “CHE: PART ONE & TWO”; and Consultant to the Producers of “RIGHTEOUS KILL” starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. JP’s next feature release will be “KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM”, which he served as a Production Executive for IndieVest Studios, starring Emmy Award Winner Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), and Steve Zahn (Joy Ride).

    JP is continually in development on Film & TV projects along with lending his vast experience to companies around the globe. His client roster include: blockbuster Writer/Director/Producer Roland Emmerich; James D. Brubaker, President of Production at Universal Studios; Echo Lake Productions (on the majority of their films, including John Carpenter’s “THE WARD” and “BEFORE THE RAINS” (filmed in India); the German TV series “GREEN SALES” (filmed in Australia); BigFoot Entertainment’s productions in Honk Kong and the Philippines; as well as Vesta Entertainment in Beijing China.                                                           

    In less than three years after his arrival in Hollywood, Pettinato was named Vice President of Production at CineTel Pictures, Inc. and produced a dozen features while in that chair, including four HBO World Premieres. On the MGM/UA released feature “A RUMOR OF ANGELS” (starring Vanessa Redgrave and Ray Liotta) JP served not only as the Co-Producer, but also was the President of the production company, as he had done once before on the HBO film “BUTTER”, starring Terrence Howard, Nia Long, Donald Faison, Donnie Wahlberg, and Ernie Hudson. These experiences culminated in 2002… while at the MGM premier of A Rumor of Angels, JP was inspired to create his own company UTICA FILMS so that he could intensify his commitment to and involvement with movie-making, while continually exploring his passion, the illimitable world of film.

    Pettinato graduated with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and a M.B.A. in Finance from the prestigious William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Rochester; along with being a visiting student at NYU (Stern), Fordham, Rutgers, and UCLA (Theatre, Film & TV). He then spent seven years as a professional Engineer, employed on projects ranging from Nuclear Power Safety to Municipal Water Treatment. During his tenure as an IDEX Corporation/PULSAfeeder Senior Applications Engineer, Pettinato inspired and received the inaugural PRESIDENT’S AWARD, which has now been a tradition for over twenty years.

    Pettinato gave up his successful engineering career to pursue an early childhood passion: the entertainment industry. His first travel date was as a child actor in the Broadway Tour of the Musical OLIVER. As insiders know, the transition from small independent films to the big budget world is an enormous yet exciting challenge. UTICAfilms has built a reputation of expertise and integrity, providing problem-specific services to movies in need of Pettinato’s wide-ranging knowledge and experience: from script development and complex financing structures, to the intricacies of production, through a film’s delivery and technical acceptance by distributors.

    Currently, JP  working on his next project, a British stage play by Alistair Faulkner “Victor”, based on “Frankenstein” by Mrs. Percy B. “Mary” Shelley and to be directed by his business partner, Christopher Kulikowski.

     In his personal life, JP was the recipient of Volunteer of the Year for the NYC chapter of the Multiple sclerosis society alongside Katie Couric. When arriving in Los Angeles he started to volunteer for homeless and battered women shelters and continues to support those causes among others.